BuildCommunity was founded in 2005 as a non-profit consultancy. We work with community-based organizations to advance health equity in rural and immigrant communities. Our expertise is policy analysis, project design and capacity building. Over the years our work began to evolve. Many of the policies and systems we work to change are based upon and reinforced by a false and deadly belief in a hierarchy of human value based solely upon race. Oftentimes policy wins were later lost because of these powerful beliefs.

In 2010, the field began to change. A deeper understanding of implicit bias and its effect on policymaking changed how we approached our work. We came to understand that communities needed to address implicit bias and to begin the painful process of healing. This belief in a false hierarchy of human value hurts not only the oppressed but those privileged by the systems. Our work and the work of our partners across the country are now focused on transforming systems through the practice of racial healing.